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COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic

at The Church of the Redeemed of the Lord

4321 Old York Road | Baltimore, Maryland 21212


  • Our vaccine clinic is open to the public

  • COVID vaccines are FREE 

  • Both Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations require two shots

  • Johnson & Johnson vaccinations require one shot 

  • Vaccinations will take place at our main campus in the fellowship hall

  • If you have a temperature of 100 degrees or higher OR have experienced any COVID-19 symptoms, you will not be admitted into the building. You should cancel your registration and wait for the next vaccine clinic. 

  • You will need to be observed for 15-30 minutes after each dose



Is registration required?

Yes! You must register to receive a vaccine. We can not guarantee that you will receive a vaccine if you have not registered.  

Which entrance should I use when I arrive?

When you arrive for your appointment, you will want to enter our main parking lot from York Road. Once in the parking lot, follow signs to the fellowship hall (accessible by an entrance on the left hand side of the building). The fellowship hall will be the only entrance and exit for COVID-19 vaccinations.  

Are mask require before and after my vaccination?

Yes! You must wear a mask at all times during your vaccination appointment. 

Why am I receiving two vaccination appointments?

Both Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations require two doses. You will receive your first dose during your first appointment and your second dose during your second appointment. 

Can I bring food or a drink with me to my appointment?

Because you must be masked for the entirety of your appointment, we ask that you do not bring any food or drinks with you for your appointment. 

Can I bring a friend or a family member with me?

Only those individuals being vaccinated will gain admission into the building. We highly suggest having anyone that escorts you to your appointment wait in a vehicle or outside while you are being vaccinated. 


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